I’ve been living through images since I was a child, I sneaked in my parents’ bedroom and watch hundreds of movies while they were asleep. My photographs are a concise summary of cinematic images often narrating tales of solitude and bewilderment.

My pictures are a mirror for myself and a strong idea that I have about the surrounding environment, the one where I move or travel through; as my work in Cape Town or Egypt, this images found me around a street corner, in a public pool or in hairdresser saloon.

I am not in search of exotic images, sometimes “exotic” even in their representation of pain and suffering. This search has revealed itself, particularly in photojournalism and at times also in documentary photography; a subject familiar to me having worked through its ranks for the past fifteen years.

At this stage of my journey, I have overcome and elaborated on that experience, searching for a more thoughtful and personal approach. Different themes and layers that converge in one and unique narrative. I’m interested in a category of subjects that often represent, but not only, a sort of contemporary minimalism while working on my discrete act of seeing.

A balance of shapes, lights and subjects; In that loneliness, the possibilities of re-appropriating an innocent gaze free from the prejudicial perception of reality; not the short term appeal of an image of a sought-after anecdote. Faces and movements that are common but different, again, that are a reflection of myself trying to fill a void that is in all of us. I recognise myself in the “other” , with a gaze that distances itself from any form of judgement. A loneliness that is inevitable, desperate lives looking to find a meaning, a companion or a solution for that feeling.

The inspiring thoughts of Italian Photographer Luigi Ghirri resonate in my understanding and approach to the medium when he says that Photography has become an opaque layer, filled with images that are superimposed on reality itself. I dig again through that opaque layer, often hunting for the image of myself.

To represent this idea, I humbly try to slow down and extrapolate images from this magmatic flow that continues to desensitize the ability of individuals to look without a preconceived approach while trying to minimize the violence of a photographic approach that dares to understand and decode reality.